For Sellers

When you are preparing to sell your home you need to have an honest, dependable and skilled real estate professional to assist you. You will need someone who has creative marketing techniques that will bring you the best price, give your home maximum exposure to the right buyers for vast connections and a quick sale. The process can be time consuming and tedious, therefore enlisting the services of a skilled professional can prove to reduce stress, save time and ensure a fair price on the sale of your home.

People choose our team to list and market their home due to our successful track record selling homes and because we care about our clients, their needs come first. We set our standards high and our sellers trust us to get their homes SOLD!!

Selling Options :
Many home owners are not aware of the vast options available to them when selling a home. Contacting the right professional who understands the market, can find creative and effective ways to sell your home quickly based on your personal needs or situation. Below are the two common types of sales to help homeowners.

Standard Sale:

In a standard sale you prepare your home to list for sale on the market. You and your agent determine the price of your home and they market your property and wait for offers to come in. Once you receive an offer you can negotiate and pick the offer that appeals to you the most. Most homeowners use an agent and put their home on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and other media outlets. This is the most common practice for selling a home.

Short Sale:

If you’ve purchased your home during the housing bubble, it’s possible that you owe more than your home is worth in today’s market. A real estate agent who specializes in short sales might be able to negotiate with your lender to accept an offer less than your mortgage balance, to release you from your debt.

I have successfully negotiated short sales with the help of our legal team at no additional or out of pocket costs to the seller! It is 100% free, no fees for this service if you qualify. Contact Me TODAY! For more information.


You deserve much more than a sign in the yard, fliers in a box and an occasional viewing. You deserve an agent who will be at your side from beginning to end, ensuring that your property sells smoothly and you get the most money possible from the sale.  A snipet of what my listing services include are:

  • Pricing-strategically pricing the home to be competitive with current market and pricing trends.
  • Staging– either recommending an outside company or giving you staging tips on how to highlight your homes’ sales point features that will highly appeal to potential buyers,  to enable them to envision themselves in their new home.
  • Marketing-creating a presence online using SEO as well as utilizing a new technology to help buyers see your home, just like you found this site! My marketing strategies specific details will be discussed at our face to face consultation.
  • Updates– I will thoroughly comb through your home and give you advice on minor inexpensive ideas to make your home appeal more to potential buyers, if needed. Also, I will cover the cost of having the home professionally cleaned for the new buyer.

Every market is unique so my marketing plans and staging strategies effectively target and attract your potential buyers. I dig deep to learn the unique selling points of your property and neighborhood. It’s a formula for success.

And, of course, I take the time to listen, understand your challenges and goals, and answer any questions you may have along the way.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​        Contact me today to schedule a FREE Consultation to find out what your home is worth!